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WordPress Adult Tube Site Importer

Published July 7, 2015 - 0 Comments

Quick Update 1.1 Fix database issue, added more spintax to build in spinner

WordPress Adult Tube Site Importer

New Update 1.2

Added video embed templates , most tube sites force you into using their template and their layout, this new feature gives you the ability to create custom video layouts and decide were the video description and video embed code appear The post template also features a nested spintax spinner Below is a sample image video post template

|video_embed| video embed code
|video_desc| the video’s description
|duration| the videos duration
|rating| the videos rating
|publish_date| the videos published date

By default the post will output the embed code and description , so if you don’t want to use this feature the default layout will appear automatically.     New Update 0.9 Added Several filtering features and the ability to add text before and after the title and description of the video. The filtering allows you to require certain words from a user defined list to appear in the title or description of the movie, you can also filter out certain words and avoid movies that contain any word on your black list. These features make it possible to have a niche site with rarer content.

Scrape options

  New Update 0.8 No longer scraping webpages, but uses Tube API, Added PornHub.com Remove the following websites: Literotica Xvideos Right
now it scrapes Xtube.com , Raremovietube.com and PornHub.com   Includes new feature: Include Videos from all websites, this allows you to pull videos from all 3 at once and randomize it
and drip feed content into your site making it more diverse.  

Pirrtaste auto tube

Size: 2MB
Version: 1.2