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DomCop Vs DDominator vs Domain Hunter Gatherer

Published February 14, 2017 in Reviews - 0 Comments

In my experimentation with domain expired domain crawlers I have come across and tried all major tools , so if you are wondering which is the best read below

Domain Hunter Gatherer: Cost 87$ a month

domain hunter gatherer
This comes with a lot and you get a good bang for your buck , it has a domain restorer that will take archives from The way back machine and return you a completely restored website. I never used this personally so I can’t give a review on it but its nice to have as I needed something like this in the past. Out of all the other programs this one has the best stats in terms of Moz Da,PA, TF, CT and so on. The stats are accurate and up to date always, which is a huge plus over DomCop.

For testing I loaded up 10 proxies, and search for health related keywords, within 8 hours 600+ domain names with good metrics , I was impressed by the speed, accuracy and its ability to find domain names.

The program is simple enough to do with a lot of extra features such as web 2.0 hunting (Which I never used) but its nice to have, however there is a feature I like do use and that is

http://domdetailer.com/ , This is free for all Subscribers and it allows you to check stats quickly, I have domain names from other projects and I tend to get a lot of backlinks at a time , checking to make sure they are legit is important to me , Out of all the programs I tried this is the best one by far and the only one I recommend




DomCop: Cost $99

Dom Cop


Domcop is unique in the fact that out of the three this is the only one that isn’t a desktop app and it does so much more than search for expired domain names, it can be used to search for auctions, or just browser expired domain names in generally, if you set the filters correctly its almost as if you don’t even need to search for expired domain names because they just grab all domain names that are dropping.

However I bought this solely for expired domain hunting as I paid a huge price , $99 a month for 10 crawlers , however I only got 1 crawler and 10 items to put in the queue meaning I had to wait to each one was finish because continuing crawling. It didn’t find too many domain names and the crawler was very slow but gave you domain names in real time so you could at least do something while you wait.

The crawler was such a disappointment I decided to try browsing for already expired domain names, After adding my filters, and hitting search i was greeted with a lot of already bought domain names, luckily they have a feature were you can show only expired domain names. I found one I liked and bought it, it turns out the reported moz and tf score was out dated and incorrect. Granted I should of double checked but if you are paying $99+ a month you would expect fresh stats, just keep in mind if you use DomCop you will have to recheck before you buy a domain name and if you are checking 2,000 domains at a time this can get expensive.

Overall my expire was poor for both crawlers and expired domain names

Score: 2/5 (Mainly due to the stats not being fresh)



DDominator: ($31 a month)


I had high hopes for them because I liked their pricing policies, 1 week at a time can save a lot of money and its cheaper than DomainHunterGatherer ,however when it comes to finding domain names its unusually slow , and crashes before I even get a chance to save. I ran it with auto settings for threads which it created about 20 threads for 10 private proxies.

After about 5 hours it found 10 domain names, this is much slower than others by far, and seeing as it crashed before I had a chance to save the domain names ,it’s quite useless to me. I will happily revisit this review if they fix the crashing, but unless it can find domain names faster and more each scan it will still be rated quite low.

Also the stats didn’t seem to work even though I set up the program correctly, add that to the fact it has a complex licenses setup where you have to email them for a license file that you have to import, overall this program wasn’t helpful at all

Review: 1/5


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